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As a lifelong boat lover and owner, I’ve earned the silly nickname Sergio the Sailor among friends. They all come to me for tips on buying, selling, docking, maintaining…you name it. I guess you could say I’ve learned a few things about being a boat owner and enthusiast. Of all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the year, I’d say boat maintenance is probably my greatest strength. From fixing the boat refrigerator and microwave to replacing seat cushions, I’ve pretty much done it all. I put this little blog together to share some of the tips and hacks I’ve learned along the way about keeping your boat in one piece and ready for sailing. 

However, various equipment you carry on ships like refrigerators or other appliances can also have technical problems that need to be repaired from time to time. Refrigerators play a significant role in preventing the foodstuff, so it is essential to keep them working to keep everything fresh throughout the journey. If you need services to keep your refrigerators in an excellent working condition, you can hire our professionals for refrigerator repair Frisco.

Some of the common issues are with the refrigerator compressors that starts but stops immediately, mainly due to the low pressure cut out getting activated. The refrigerator is mainly used on the cargo vessel, ships, and board in the air conditioning system to cool the bulk of carbon dioxide for the firefighting system, preserve the food during the transport, and storage. Furthermore, the other appliances are the stovetop that you can use with multiple burning systems in the boat as it mainly helps to cook the food for the crew members present in the boat. These play a major role in cooking fresh food whenever the boat members run out of food stock, but if you have sufficient food, you also need a microwave.

The microwave oven is one of the conventional kitchen appliances and is accessible for preheating the earlier cooked food and helps in making a variety of foodstuff on the boat. There are various advantages of using a microwave.

  • Cook the food quickly in very little time.
  • It does not cause any change in food and nutrition.
  • It consumes less energy as compared to the regular oven.
  • It helps in defrosting the food as it melts and cooks the frozen food within a short period.
  • It is mainly used on the boat because it does not produce the flavorful chemical reaction that frying and baking can produce.  

Regular boat maintenance is the key to make it safe and hygiene. It is an easy task for the person with a little bit of knowledge and practice. It is essential to ensure that the boat is in excellent condition by inspecting the various features. One of the major breakdowns of the boat at sea is engine failure, battery failure, mechanical failure, and fuel storage contamination. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the boat help to increase the sale value and make it stain free. Various tips to follow to keep the boat clean-

  • Always choose the right equipment to clean the boat. Make the use of equipment so that to reduce the efforts.
  • Always use the best cleaning solution, compounds, and wax. If the boat becomes dirtier due to the salty water, you can use a stronger detergent and cleaning solution that works efficiently to remove the oxidation stain caused by seawater.
  • Never use seawater for boat cleaning because it causes yellow patches on the boat. Always prefer to use freshwater for cleaning your boat.
  • Before scrubbing the boat, always soak them in soapy water. Apply the detergent or solution that can soften the dirt and stains, making them easier to remove.
  • While cleaning a large boat, you can start by cleaning the smaller portions at first. With the soap solution, clean it then after scrubbing the rinse with clean water before moving to the other part of the boat.
  • Always clean the glass window with the help of a glass cleaner or water and vinegar solution. Always prefer to use crumbed newspaper because the cloth can causes spots on the glass
  • Various places present on the boat can be easily cleaned with the help of spot remover and lime cleaning products.
  • Hire a professional to clean the entire boat, including all the whole and engine room.

Various tip to make your boat safety and maintained 

Boat maintenance is one of the essential boating skills. As you know, a boat is not like a car or truck; it needs a full service that takes regular care and watchfulness to keep it smooth, safe, and operate correctly. Here are the tips that you can follow to maintain your boat efficiently – 

Check the exterior

It is essential to keep the boat clean from outside that helps to prevent the spread of invasive species because some plants and animals hitch a ride on your boat, morning dew will encourage mildew. Secondly, cleaning the boat is very important so that to protect the structure of the boat. The salt present in the sea will cause the boat to erode while causing scratches that are costly to remove it. Following are some additional cleaning tips for different types of boat materials – 

  • Fiberglass– It is essential to protect the fiberglass of the boat from sun, salt, and appearance as it is made up of glossy gel coating. If you want to keep it in good condition, it is essential to polish or wax it mainly in the spring and before storing your boat for winter.
  • Canvas– This defines the fabric used in boat covers and other parts of the boat. For keeping the glass last longer and waterproofing property intact, proper care must be taken. So it can be cleaned with fresh water by using a brush and mild soap. Always keep in mind that never uses ammonia-based products because they will damage the material.
  • Upholstery– All the boats have vinyl-covered seating, which is durable and easy to clean. So there is needed to regularly wipe down and clean the seats with a damp cloth.
  • Tend to Your Hulls– While cleaning your boat, it is essential to polish your hulls and protect them with the help of wax. It is mainly important if the boat hulls are of dark shade. If proper polishing and waxing of hulls cannot be done properly, then the color will fade over time.
  • Proper storing of the boat- To protect the vessel from weather-related damage like ice, snow, and rain, especially during the winter season, it is essential is properly store the boat.
  • Outdoor storage– These are the spaces where you can store the boats outside with the masts up. It requires proper protection of the boat from the elements.
  • Indoor storage– It is the best option to protect your boat from various weather conditions. Another option is to use the dry stack storage to keep the boat protected.
  • On the water- To keep the boat on the water may be an option if you have a large boat and deep water.

Following are the tips to follow to prepare your boat for storage- 

  • Clean your boat properly
  • Always apply grease to the shaft
  • If the battery is not in use, then disconnect it and store it in a cool and ventilated area.
  • Inspect the propeller and shaft if any damage occurs.
  • Remove all the electronic material, food, and carpet which are not in use.
  • Always keep the door open of the refrigerator, which is placed on the boat.
  • To allow the precipitation to drain out free all drain plugs.
  • To remove the salt from the boat, flush the engine, water lines, and all water tanks.
  • Close all antifreeze.

Focus on Boat Engine Maintenance

By following various preventive measures, you can keep the engine run for a long time and it is also a great way to save the boat’s value. Following the few tips to take care of your outboard motor:

  • Always check that it contains fuel, and the fuel tank vent must be opened.
  • Always keep checking the engine mount screw clamps must be fixed and safe.
  • When you start using the boat, check always make sure to check the oil pressure and also voltmeters running correctly.

Check the oil

Just like cars and trucks, and boats need to change their oil regularly. It can be quickly done using an oil extractor pump to remove the oil from the tube, oil wrench. To save your time, hire a professional technician that takes care of the oil change. Changing the oil in your boat can either be done at a local dealer or change it yourself in five easy steps:

  • Start the engine to warm it up
  • Turn it off and remove the drain plug
  • Drain the old oil
  • Change the filter
  • Replace the drain plug and fill the engine with new oil

Check the propeller

Remove the propeller several times during the season to ensure a discarded fishing line or any other items haven’t gotten caught on the propeller shaft. If anything is wrapped around the shaft, have your dealer inspect the gear case as the fishing line can cause gear case leaks, which will need to be repaired by a professional. While you have the propeller off, inspect it for nicks, dents, and

Other signs of damage as the smallest dent in a propeller can decrease boat performance and burn more fuel than usual.

Maintain the battery in the offseason

Always keep in mind to take off all the batteries from the boat, then thoroughly clean them, lubricate metal terminals and bolts, charge them properly and then store in a safe place.

Work with an Experienced Boat Dealer

Always try to work with the best and well-experienced boat dealer for maintenance and service.

Cleaning Tubes

The tubes of the boat are the expensive part. The cleaning products are simple to use spray on the product, leave them for a short time, clean with a kitchen scourer to remove all the surface dirt. This can also remove all sorts of mold and stain.

Interior and equipment

The boat can be highly affected due to the cold and damp environment. This can lead to bad smells and decay in all the essential electrical equipment. Always buy the cover that keeps rain and moisture out but still allows the air to flow through it. During the winter, try to transfer many things as possible from lockers to somewhere at home.  

Improve Your Inspection Process

The management plan must be effective; pre and post-trip must be performed to identify the troubleshoot issues quickly. This mainly allows the maintenance and operational team to be proactive in their repairs to increase the fleet uptime.

Inspect the other fluid level

 To make sure that the boat runs properly, always remember to check the fluid levels, such as power steering liquid and coolant fluid regularly.

Check the bilge pump

The bilge is primarily present at the underneath part of the boat, which mainly collects the excessive water-primarily, and this pump helps mostly to remove the water from the bilge. There is a need to properly check the pump, whether it is working or not, because if the pump does not work, then the boat could sink.

Inspect for corrosion

Any part of the ship can quickly corrode because it is made up of metal. There is a need to check the metal attachments and components regularly for signs of corrosion. Especially check the engine, but all the metal present on the boat is exposed, especially in salty water.

Proper service of wastewater system

On an annual basis, the wastewater treatment system’s service must be done whether you use storage tanks or sanitation system.


Maintaining a boat and repairing its appliances requires a high level of experts. If you want that the boat can retain maximum value then continue looking well-presented that remains safe to use, you will need to think about the best way to store, transport, and maintain the boat. Regular maintenance of the boat can help you to earn more money when selling it. So there is a need for maintaining all the appliances present on the boat.